Metal framing systems are becoming increasingly popular as a cost-effective, fast-track solution for medium rise load-bearing structures. GMG Steel framing, as a lightweight system, this has an additional advantage over many more traditional materials and methods of construction.


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Simple project

Simple project: Work only one project of construction model: house, school, warehouse, hotel, etc.

- Desing and calculations.
- Supply materials.
- Construction (Optional)

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Large Construction Project

Large construction project: For special projects, we are able to install an entire factory to produce the materials on site. It is very important to reduce cost, increase country's wealth, and develop the construction sector with new technology.

GMG will install the factory, research of local raw materials, teach local teams to work into the construction process and manage the project to obtain the expected results.

- Project and cost studies.
- Construction of the factory, management of production process and installation quality.
- Training of workers
- Energy and water solutions (Sustainable Communities)
- Continuous supervising.

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Sustainable Communities

We live in a world of constant changes, but many times, that technology does not reach the groups that greater benefits with its application can obtain.

Our mission is to take, apply and teach to use these systems to those places that really need it, reducing their needs as well as social differences with other places.

-Fast, sustainable and dignified construction system.
-Energy self-sufficiency.
-Filtrate and water treatment.
-Soil compacting: Easy access.